Why the cloud is right for your donor management data

The cloud can make big things happen for your station's fundraising.
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The cloud has become one of the cornerstone technologies to revolutionize the way modern business and organizations operate. And it’s not just enterprise-level corporations that are putting the cloud to good use, public and religious broadcasters can leverage the cloud to the same advantages.

While there has been a degree of hesitance among some stations to engage with the cloud because of possible cybersecurity concerns, the growing adoption of the cloud in all matters of business and personal life make it an promising tool for any organization to use.

Even if broadcasters don’t immediately see why they need the cloud, all they need to consider is what they can do with the cloud. Here are some reasons why the cloud is right for you donor management processes and data.

Improved data hygiene 

While spreadsheets serve their rightful purposes in certain processes, the manual way of doing things when it comes to collecting, preserving and sharing data has is quickly outdone with cloud solutions. Your hardworking staff is only human after all, and it’s only a matter of time before an error occurs and has a chance to throw a wrench in operations, like when mailers are sent to unverified or outdated addresses, costing the station money. Having automated means to gathering and validating data are crucial to efficient operations, as well as donor management.

Increased mobility

In these fast-moving times, stations have to stay agile and responsive to their donors’ needs, as well as the prevailing trends that inform how they fundraise. But gaining such ability to move quickly isn’t easy to come by without considering technology like the cloud. Ever had a rep on the phone trying to resolve a donor’s question only to be sucked in stacks of paper without ever really getting anywhere? Those mishaps can be a thing of the past with the type of instant access and recall cloud solutions offer organizations on the operational and individual level.

Guaranteed flexibility

The best thing about the cloud is there’s a solution for every organization. The cloud is not some static, one-size-fits-all tool that may turn stations off; rather, the cloud is a configurable solution set to meet your needs. For instance, you can mix public and private cloud setups for a hybrid framework that nets you the best of both worlds. One attractive feature of the cloud is that it can conform to what you need, meaning its both functional and highly customizable.

One thing all stations need to consider when looking to implement the cloud is their vendor. Finding a reputable and accomplished cloud provider with expertise in fundraising and public and religious broadcasting can further enhance whatever cloud solution is settled on. Stations also need to vet vendors to ensure they meet some crucial criteria. Stations should always ask of their potential cloud vendor:

  • Are they reliable?
  • Do they offer as close to 100 percent uptime as possible?
  • Do they take security seriously and protect my data?
  • What recovery options do they extend?
  • What technical support to they have?

Crossing off all these items on the vendor checklist is central to finding the most suitable and beneficial cloud platform. Giving equal weight to what the solution can do and how the vendor backs up their promises will help you settle on the one option that makes most sense for you. If interested about what cloud donor management solutions look like, what they do and how you can acquire one, talk to Allegiance today. Our years of nonprofit and broadcasting experience help inform and refine our donor management solutions to keep your station as active as possible.

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