Why should nonprofit fundraisers target millennials?

Nonprofits should consider the attitudes and behavior of millennials during fundraising efforts.
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Knowing which donors will respond to various fundraising strategies is fundamental to any campaign or project. Some nonprofits may lean on baby boomers for the majority of their support, while others are looking to millennials as their primary base for contributions. With donor management software, charitable organizations are able to aggregate donor information and clearly identify segments for more targeted outreach efforts. Appeals can be optimized for specific contributor groups, and more time can be spent effectively communicating with these individuals in an effort to earn their trust and financial support. Listening and responding to donors is key for an effective campaign, especially in regard to millennials.

Recent research conducted by the Clinton Global Initiative University found that 80 percent of millennials, identified in the study as people between 17 – 26, felt positive about the direction their local communities were headed in regarding social conundrums and other concerns. Compared with their parents, 81 percent believe they have enough creativity and 79 percent feel they are sufficiently innovative to tackle many of the social issues that they see facing society at large. Among those surveyed, 72 percent identified education as very important and 62 percent said the same about economic matters.

It’s no secret that millennials are one of the most engaged demographics when it comes to using social media, which means nonprofits should be prepared to interact with them through websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. According to npENGAGE, one of the most important steps philanthropic groups should take is establishing their voice on their social networks. This includes finding a tone that will resonate with the core donor demographic. If a nonprofit approaches a certain group in a style that is either too casual or overly stuffy, the message will likely be lost on its audience. Considering the enthusiasm many millennials show toward action, it’s also important to give them opportunities to interact through social media.

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