Strategies for connecting with new supporters as an arts and culture nonprofit

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Arts and culture nonprofits focus on enrichment of the communities they serve, broadening horizons and offering enjoyable, rewarding experiences through a variety of methods and media. They can also play a crucial role in supporting artists and creators of all types, giving them the resources necessary to focus on their work.

Attracting new supporters is a constant topic of discussion for all nonprofits, arts and culture organizations included. In a time when public gatherings are either severely limited or simply not possible, demonstrating your group’s value to the community and attracting new supporters to fuel your nonprofit’s goals is even more critical. Keep reading for tips on how to bring new contributors into the fold.

Leverage existing supporters

Unless it’s brand-new, your nonprofit already has some valuable supporters on board. You can consider asking the most involved and engaged to use their existing personal networks and professional contacts to identify new supporters.

This grassroots strategy has some major benefits. It draws on a valuable existing resource — your top donors — instead of requiring a major realignment of strategy or a new campaign designed from the ground up. Such an approach encourages enthusiastic donors to do something they’ll likely enjoy: asking their friends and colleagues to support a valuable cause. And while it certainly requires some level of planning at the beginning of the effort and in continuing oversight, much of the day-to-day work is managed by supporters. That means your staff has more time to focus on the many other areas of operation that need their attention.

Make the most of existing channels

Finding ways to expose community members to the artistic and cultural work your nonprofit supports, while also keeping public health rules related to the current pandemic in mind, can feel like an especially complicated and frustrating task. However, many types of performance art can be hosted on your website, whether it’s through recordings or live broadcasts. Paintings, illustrations and similar types of fine art could be photographed using high-quality cameras and hosted in galleries online, while sculptures and cultural exhibits could potentially be photographed three-dimensionally and presented in a more interactive format.

While not as immersive as in-person attendance, this strategy is an effective one considering our present limitations on traditional gatherings to enjoy arts and culture. To make sure these events offer the potential for attracting new supporters, consider the steps suggested by veteran nonprofit consultant Maureen Wallbeoff for sgENGAGE. Requiring viewers to share an email address to access a gallery or video is one strategy. You could also offer educational forums and webinars about your nonprofit’s area of focus. This provides the double benefit of collecting contact information from new potential supporters and tracking the interests of current ones. This approach will help you to develop more detailed records about supporters and, eventually, to construct outreach tailored to them.

Reach out to the experts

Personalized assistance and support from experienced, capable and proven nonprofit experts can go a long way toward helping your arts and culture nonprofit reach its goals. Allegiance Fundraising provides an effective mix of services that nonprofits can select from to best address their individual needs. Our combination of agency services, technology solutions and loyalty and incentives programs means we can build a strategy that’s right for your nonprofit and help you execute it as well. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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