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Allegiance Auction Fundraising Software helps take care of every aspect of your auction, including telemarketing, solicitation, lot creation, scheduling, donor bid entry, invoicing, thank you notes, and tax receipts. It tracks everything related to all three primary elements: donors, items, and buyers. And when it’s over, you’ll be able to analyze the data from all three elements, figure out what worked and what didn’t, and do an even better job next time.

Getting Ready for Auction

Items and donors are essential to every auction. Allegiance gives you the tools to contact and track prospective and past donors. Download as much information as you need from previous auctions to support efficient telephone solicitations. Downloads can include performance history to help reduce asks for poorly performing items and increase asks for more popular and highly valued items. As items are donated, you can easily track quantity, type, description, market value, minimum bid, delivery schedule, and warehouse data.

Automated Lot Generation, Item Packaging, and On-Air Production

Allegiance reduces manual labor significantly by automatically creating lots, assigning lot numbers, storing scripts, and tracking board placement information while giving you the flexibility to manually enter and modify lots on command.


The software streamlines and simplifies the tracking and scheduling of items, lots, and boards – before, during, and after an auction. Schedule and re-schedule unsold lots with ease and download and print physical warehouse inventory lists.

Bid Entry and Payment Processing

Retain control over bid data entry while benefiting from automated record updating and extensive search criteria for locating returning buyers, reducing both data entry time and duplicate account creation. If a buyer has an open invoice, the new lot is added to it automatically, reducing paperwork and collection costs. Online bids are easily imported without manual data entry.

Transaction Completion

Seal the deal with advanced functionality that gives you all the information you need to get purchased items into buyers’ hands and dollars into yours. Allegiance software auction systems help you match sold items with the right buyers. Access invoices from your screen for pick-up-and-pay buyers and automatically print the invoice when you enter the payment. Automatic credit card processing speeds fulfillment.

After the Auction

After the public work is done, Allegiance keeps back office functions running smoothly. You’ll be able to easily send thank yous and donation tax receipts to donors with details about the sale of their donated items. You’ll also be able to send tax receipts to buyers who paid more than the fair market value and automatically un-confirm items that were not picked up and recycle them to the next highest bidder.

Auction Reporting and Analysis

Your donors, buyers, and station need the most accurate and comprehensive information possible.

Allegiance allows you to:

  • View the quantity sold of an item, who purchased it, the average price, and the return on value.
  • Look up a buyer and see everything they purchased, the entire invoice, the over/under market value, and the invoice history information.
  • Provide donors with accurate lists of each purchased item and the bid price.

Using reports can help improve auction performance by showing under-performing items to eliminate from the next auction and where to increase solicitation of popular and high value items. Download any report to a spreadsheet and chart/graph for easy analysis or presentations.

We’re here for you

Our support is unlimited and unrivaled in the industry. A variety of support channels are available to help you find the answers you need. Our experienced support specialists know the right questions to ask and can share your screen to walk you through a solution. We understand why you need to do things the way you do, and are here to help you when you need it.

Cloud solutions for non-commercial broadcasters

The Allegiance Cloud Solutions allow you to concentrate on your donors with the assurance your data is stored securely and accessibly 24/7. Enjoy automatic backups and updates, lower IT costs, scalability, faster deployment, and more with the best cloud solution in fundraising.

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