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Hannah Smith

We all know the importance of supporting local businesses – more money spent at local retailers and restaurants means more money staying in your community. You’ve heard the term “shop local” and maybe you’ve even participated in “Small Business Saturday” after the Thanksgiving holiday, but how does this relate to your fundraising efforts? Could you be giving more attention to your local partners, or potential local partners?

Here are some of the reasons to think local:

  • Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses like banks, service providers, and farms.
  • Local businesses tend to be more philanthropic and accountable in their communities.
  • Your neighbors, supporters, volunteers, etc. are operating these establishments!

When it comes to creating a locally-focused loyalty program within your organization, strive to create mutually beneficial opportunities. Build relationships with the “Mom and Pop” establishments in your neighborhood. Work with local theaters for events and ticket giveaways. Create underwriting and sponsorship opportunities with the organizations you visit and support on a daily basis. They may get a new customer, and you’ll get a lasting partnership. With this joint interest in the community, a great deal can be accomplished.

About the Author:
Hannah Smith
Group Director, Client Services, Loyalty & Incentives

As the primary contact for our 100+ clients in the Loyalty and Incentives division, Hannah is essentially “the face” of MemberCard and the go-to for questions, comments and ideas. In an account management role like hers, it’s important to not only have a good handle on industry trends and concepts, but it is equally important to get to know all clients on a personal level.

What excites you about your work at AFG?

It’s a great opportunity to meet all sorts of people, as our clients are across the country! I love the interaction and getting to know each of them.

If you weren’t at AFG, what would you be doing?

I wanted to be a mermaid growing up, so maybe working at Atlantis Resort.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of AFG?

I enjoy cooking, reading, watching reality tv, exploring my new city of Providence, and am working on marathon number three!

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