It’s 2019 – Do We Still Value Physical Over Digital Goods?

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Hannah Smith

We live in a world where everything- from our novels, to our music, and even our wallets- are becoming digitized. There’s no doubt that digital goods are playing a huge role in our modern society, with a new trend beckoning each day. That being said, the value placed on physical goods continues to be higher than the allure of its digital counterpart. People want the real deal!

Think about this as it relates to your fundraising efforts. You’ve heard that handling a premium on the air is most effective, instantly giving value to that beloved mug, or CD set. The connection is established right away, as donors imagine themselves having possession of the item. A physical good also offers the potential for that item to be cherished, held on to, and even passed down, leaving a mark on your donors that a digital item cannot. When enticed with a digital item, people feel as though it is not truly “theirs.” It is not surprising then, that people will pay more for physical items over digital.

There are certainly advantages to offering digital premiums.

  • No need for keeping inventory
  • Free, and virtually instant, delivery
  • Simplicity

And while it is undeniable that digital goods carry some serious weight in today’s day in age, the fact is unwavering: folks value physical goods more than digital.
Consider how your donor loyalty program can reinforce this concept and maximize the perceived value of physical touch and possession.

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About the Author:
Hannah Smith
Group Director, Client Services, Loyalty & Incentives

As the primary contact for our 100+ clients in the Loyalty and Incentives division, Hannah is essentially “the face” of MemberCard and the go-to for questions, comments and ideas. In an account management role like hers, it’s important to not only have a good handle on industry trends and concepts, but it is equally important to get to know all clients on a personal level.

What excites you about your work at AFG?

It’s a great opportunity to meet all sorts of people, as our clients are across the country! I love the interaction and getting to know each of them.

If you weren’t at AFG, what would you be doing?

I wanted to be a mermaid growing up, so maybe working at Atlantis Resort.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of AFG?

I enjoy cooking, reading, watching reality tv, exploring my new city of Providence, and am working on marathon number three!

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