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Fundraising appeals are increasingly common. Colleges and universities have an important advantage in these efforts, assuming they use the right strategy. Their outreach efforts focus on alumni, parents and others who have a personal connection with the institution.

A customized approach to fundraising helps your organization better define and engage with potential donors, whether for very broad or highly specific initiatives.

How can I use customized college and university fundraising?

Internal tools

A fundraising campaign can be basic or sophisticated, a general request or an efficiently targeted effort that identifies the best prospects early on. In an era where private institutions have to increasingly compete for funding and public ones face significant reductions in state funding, as the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities reported, a strategy backed by effective analysis is increasingly valuable.

Tools like fundraising CRM and donor research solutions help colleges and universities build more personalized fundraising efforts from the ground up.

CRM platforms focused on fundraising helps build relationships early on and nurture them in the long term. They offer a powerful combination of reporting, donor and campaign management tools, research tools and much more to build relevant, engaging campaigns.

Donor research solutions dig deeper into contributor data. They give fundraisers the power to develop qualitative, real-time insights that enable quick action. The end result is reduced timelines and more valuable information for the professionals who build these campaigns.

External outreach

These solutions are incredibly useful for addressing the internal needs of fundraisers. But customized fundraising can also drive engagement externally. When prospects encounter relevant, streamlined and clearly branded tools and processes for donating to an institution with which they have a personal connection, they’re less likely to become confused or discouraged.

Peer-to-peer fundraising efforts can leverage the school spirit still held by alumni and others associated with your college or university. These campaigns require careful oversight and nurturing, but can shift much of the work of individual outreach to highly engaged donors. These supporters can reach out to their own networks while your institution reaps the benefits without having to hire additional staff.

Convincing donors to participate – to part with their hard-earned money and support a worthy cause – is a constant challenge. Making the process as easy as possible for these supporters can reduce hesitation and avoid attempts to contribute that are cut short by complicated workflows or technical errors. Text-to-donate tools align with the preferences of modern society, making the donation process as simple as possible. Contributors can give anywhere, at any time as long as they have a signal for their smartphone. And customization opportunities give fundraisers the opportunity to craft unique, relevant messaging that aligns with the defined target group of donors.

Allegiance has the experience, systems and knowledge to help your college or university implement the tools that drive customized fundraising efforts from day one until the completion of a campaign. To learn more, get in touch with our team today.

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