4 ways to improve your non-profit’s donation page

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JC Bouvier

In the nonprofit digital fundraising business, your website donation page is perhaps the most key part of your donor’s online journey.

If your organization’s donation page is:

  • Slow to load
  • Has unnecessary or a multitude of fields
  • Doesn’t display a mobile version, or
  • Doesn’t feel trustworthy

when the constituent lands there to make a donation; not only are you losing the opportunity to raise those funds, but you are also leaving that donor with a less-than positive feeling about your organization.

Here are four main areas to work on when creating the donation page experience:

  1. Make sure your donation form displays a mobile friendly version
    The latest statistics from Google regarding mobile versus desktop Internet traffic are telling us that mobile is now the greater number – all the time. Mobile first is no longer a nice to have, it’s where everybody should be starting in their design for their users.

    Don’t make your donors squint, pinch, rotate or otherwise need to think about the best way to fill out your form when on their mobile devices; make it as easy as possible for donors to complete your online donation process.

  2. Count your donation page fields, prune those that aren’t mandatory
    Labor to keep your website’s donation page to the fewest number of fields possible. Why? Test after test shows that the fewer fields your organization asks a donor to fill out, the higher your donation pages’ conversion rate.

    In these days of heightened data privacy awareness, the fewer fields, the less the donor feels like their giving away more about themselves than they’re already agreeing to. If your organization has mapped a strong contact strategy and donor journey; you should have opportunities to follow up with the donor asking for more information once they’ve converted.

  3. Declare your data privacy intentions clearly on your donation page
    Using clear and plain (and possibly lighthearted) language, reassure your donors of what your organization intends to do with their data. This is one of the easiest ways to help donors understand that you take them seriously as supporters of your organization; that your teams are thoughtful and concerned about protecting their valuable, personal information.

  4. Test your organization’s donation page browser load times
    “Gee, I really enjoyed waiting 10 seconds for that donation page to load…” is a sentence uttered by no donor, ever. Slow or broken donation page experiences can lead not only to a loss of a single donation, but you could be losing a recurring or future higher-level donor.

    Frequently test your donation page load times; we recommend at least before every outbound request for gifts. If your website administrator is savvy enough to set up an automated alert when your donation page is either offline or slow to load, and if you don’t know if they are, it’s worth having that conversation.

These four tips can greatly improve your organization’s donation page key performance indicators, and in turn, its fundraising growth. More importantly these tips will help improve your donor’s user experience and journey with your organization, which ultimately should lead to a longer relationship with the donor.

Are any of these areas concerns for your non-profit organization? Allegiance Fundraising offers Digital Audit services for specific areas of your business or your organizations’ complete online fundraising program. Contact us for more information.

About the Author:
J.C. Bouvier
Vice President, Digital Fundraising, Agency Services

Role at the Company

Working with the President of Agency Services and the CEO of AFG, I’m responsible for setting digital fundraising strategy and tactics for the Agency Services Client Management team and our clients.

What excites you about your work at AFG?

The opportunity to both build on and refine the digital practice and, working with our sister companies, to help create a sum greater than the parts.

If you weren’t at AFG, what would you be doing?

Helping others improve their marketing efforts, working on my own startup.

What are your hobbies/interests outside AFG?

Trying to get back to writing screenplays, discovering hidden terrific restaurants on the South Shore (Oro anyone?) and on Cape Cod (Terra Luna), playing competitive tennis, finding reasonable prices on outstanding wine, and sitting on the board of the Woods Hole Film Festival.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a first cousin once removed of Ram Dass, (https://www.ramdass.org/) :: Timothy Leary’s partner at Harvard during the 1960’s LSD experiments, on my mother’s side.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Opening the wrapped toy Eagle from the “Space 1999” TV show one Christmas. https://amzn.to/2I4Z6jN

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